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Patch 9.0.1

Patch 9.0.1
Apex Legends PT Server + Client Patch:
  • Fixed an error that was preventing players from logging in ("Array index 1 is out of range")
  • Arenas matches will now end if there are no players left on the enemy team
  • Arenas should now track “time survived” more consistently
  • Arenas should no longer display the "Apex Legends" screen transition with incorrect textures sometimes
  • Fixed low detail player models in the lobby. Goodbye derpy blob Legends, you will be missed
  • Valkyrie's passive no longer highlights players that are not alive and/or in spectator mode
  • Bloodhound will no longer be able to see tracking markers for Valkyrie while she’s using her jet pack. This is a temporary measure done to improve stability—we’ll look to restore this in a future patch
  • Addressed an error with the Stats page which was triggered by switching back and forth between Arenas stats and Battle Royale stats
  • Valkyrie bundle promo image now properly directs players to the in-game store
  • General stability improvements
Apex Legends PT Playlist Update:
Spitfire adjustments:
  • Per bullet damage decreased from 19 > 18
  • Purple/Gold mag size reduced from 55 > 50
Bocek adjustments:
  • Max charge body shot damage decreased from 70 > 60
  • Charge up time increased from 0.54 > 0.56
  • Deadeye's Tempo charge up time increased from 0.32 > 0.38
  • Stack size decreased from 16 > 14, inventory slot count decreased from 48 > 28
07 May 2021